Social Performance

We promote solid and long-term business relationships based in trust, communication, and human rights respect, attached to our principles and ethical values.

Human Rights policy and Diversity policy  

Diversity: We recognize, value and promote a labor environment where diversity is respected as well as the individual value of each person.

Gender: We promote a labor environment where a development opportunity exists to all people no matter their gender.

Growth: We promote our employee’s development inside the Company. We value the talent in the Company and look to attract and retain it.

Development: We promote quality training through different courses, workshops and specialized practices to our different stakeholders.

Qualitas University: Offers on-line training accordingly to each profile needs. It has a school for each different profile: agents, suppliers, customers (fleet) and employees.

Talent seedbeds: We have technical formation for new entrance employees’ profiles with the highest demand.

We have the firm commitment to reach the common wellness trough a safe environment, maintaining the respect posture and the human rights promotion.

We promote the risk prevention, insurance and financial culture. Through our decentralized business model, we offer automobile insurance all across the country.

Protect the safety and heritage of all who share roads, which compel us to generate diverse risk prevention programs.

Road behavior: We promote and generate awareness regarding responsible driving and accidents prevention through different activities, spaces, and periodic journals.  Based in values; where respect, tolerance and empathy are the main axis of accident prevention.

ISO 390001: We have a system to manage road safety based in the ISO 39001 norm.

Contribution to civil associations that have the adequate expertise and background in projects’ implementation, to bring integral growth opportunities focused in:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Social development (productive projects)
  • Environment