Our Strategy

In Qualitas we understand we create value for all our stakeholders, specially through provide automobile insurance, claims assistance, risk prevention culture and vial security education. Being leaders means adequate our capacity to what society requires, and above all, to what our stakeholders need in order to protect, maintain and improve natural and human resources align to our sustainable profile. We promote the culture of taking care of natural resources with practices that are oriented to its efficient use and to minimize the environmental impact from the company’ operations.

Qualitas has a solid commitment to follow the best practices in the market in terms of sustainability and transparency. For that reason, since 2020 Qualitas Compañía de Seguros subscribed to the Principles for Sustainable Insurance (PSI), launched by the United Nations Environment Program Finance Initiative (UNEPFI), and we have adopted the following standards and recommendations:
  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards
  • Sustainability Accounting Standards
  • Board (SASB)
  • Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
We collaborate in an integral manner with all our stakeholders. This strategy is based in 5 pillars, that are integrated by different action lines defined by its execution plan and indicators for monitoring them.
insurance agent shaking hands

Pillars and action lines:

  •    Innovation and operational efficiency

    Offer products and services with value added for the policy holder, complemented with an efficient operation in the use of resources and in the claims assitance, taking advantage of the technology potential in our operation.

  •    Employee development

    Potentialize the talent of our employees and its development, from the value of diversity to its wellbeing. Promote constructive leadership and a solid culture based in the internal communication.

  •    Development of the value chain members

    Work closely with agents, service offices teams and suppliers supporting their formation and operation, looking to boost the sustainable strategy of the company and that the strategy is integrally implemented in all processes.

  •    Risk prevention culture and vial security

    Promote the risk prevention, insurance, and finance culture in all the community. Specially in Latin America where the infrastructure and driving culture has a lack of strengths, which is the reason of the importance to contribute to responsible driving behavior culture. The respect to all people who join roads and public places, looking to generate awareness in the people.

  •    Ethics and corporate transparency

    Operate with a strict attachment to all company’ values, under the ethics guidance and conduct, which were stated from a solid corporate governance. We integrate sustainability criteria to the decision-making process. Also, we look to have a transition plan in the senior management team as well as in the Board of Directors members, a compensation that seeks talent retention and long-term expertise, having a Board of Directors with diversity and gender equality, as well as independent members for the objectiveness of it.


Our organizational culture is present in all Relationships we have with our different stakeholders, we have available for them different channels and platforms for an open dialogue in where different areas of the Company participate in.

  • » Policy holders and clients
    Value Proposal

    We protect people and their assets in a comprehensive and personalized manner, we listen and attend the needs of our policyholders.

    • Personal and asset protection, as well as responsibility in relation to third parties through an efficient service provided at a competitive price.
    • Honesty and transparency in our service relationship.
    • Open communication to ease the service to our policyholder.
    • Achieve their total satisfaction.

    • Comprehensive Service Survey after claim.
    • Customer Relationship Management System (CRM).
    • Service Offices.
    • Quálitas Development Offices (ODQs).
    • Website.
    • Q 360° Portal.
    • Q móvil app.
    • Quálitas Contact Center (Telephone and radio operators in call center).
    • Claim officers and lawyers.
    • Comprehensive Claims Executive.
    • E-mail.
    • Q Agencies Portal.
    • Business area.
    • Assistance in meetings and conventions.
    • Express adjustment App.
    • Accident attention App (policyholder’s version).
    • Q móvil app comprehensive services.

    • Information availability on products and services.
    • Quality of products and services.
    • Personalized assistance.
    • Relationships and interaction with suppliers (repair shops, tow trucks, doctors and lawyers).
    • Complaint and suggestions follow-up.
    • Data protection.

  • » Agents
    Value Proposal

    Together we build a business model that allows us to deliver the experience and service of a specialized company to our policyholders and the closeness and trust of their reference advisor. We work for a long term and efficient relationship. We support their professional development.

    • Efficient, equal, fast and cordial business relationship.
    • Support in the events of their professional activity.
    • Fast and transparent compliance in the payment of their commissions and bonuses.
    • Agile and fast communication in the professional relationship.
    • Support in technical training.

    • Service offices.
    • Q Agents Portal.
    • Service survey for agents.
    • Exclusive chat and contact center (01-800 number) for agent assistance.
    • Quálitas Contact Center.
    • Annual breakfasts and other reunions.
    • Qualicom dashboard.
    • Notiquálitas (Qualitas’ news).
    • Personalized assistance.
    • E-mail.
    • Q 360 Portal.

    • Ease and automation of the administrative processes and customer management.
    • Claims assistance and relationship with service suppliers.
    • Policy holder’s experience and satisfaction.
    • Continuous training.

  • » Employees
    Value Proposal

    We create employment and professional development opportunities, as well as training. We look for committed people who are part of a team that allows them to give the best of themselves, with constructive leadership and safekeeping of their well-being.

    • Competitive and fair wages based on the responsibilities of their position and performance.
    • Priority in the promotion to higher positions based on merit.
    • Possibility for comprehensive training through skills, technical training and ethical values, to contribute to personal development.
    • Promote a state of physical wellbeing through sports activities and activities related to health, including the employees’ family.
    • Collaborate with personal savings efforts.
    • Avoid any kind of discrimination, with full respect of the person’s dignity.
    • Achieve permanence and loyalty of our employees.
    • Have an open and fluid communication channel between personnel and senior management.

    • Annual work environment survey.
    • “Qualinet” Quálitas internal page.
    • “Q Transparencia” whistle blowing mailbox.
    • Training sessions.
    • “Qualiclic” performance evaluation tool.
    • Team meetings.
    • “Qualicom” dashboard.
    • “Valores Boletín” quarterly bulletin.
    • “Notiquálitas” (Qualitas’ news).
    • “Ajusta tus emociones” (Adjust Your Emotions) (phone number) within the Quálitas Well-being Program.
    • Internal communications e-mail.
    • Internal communications campaigns.
    • Accident attention App (claim officer’s version).

    • Training and career development perspectives.
    • Service commitment and excellence to the policyholder.
    • Ethics and corporate culture.
    • Employee satisfaction.
    • Social involvement.
    • Well-being.
    • Support upon emergencies caused by natural disasters.

  • » Shareholders
    Value Proposal

    We drive investment performance, with the strength of a prudent management and the solidity of a successful business model, adhered to a discipline of cost control. We make the decision making process transparent as well as the company’s results.

    • Reliable and timely information on the development of our company.
    • Efficient, consistent, ethical and transparent management.
    • Transparent and honest corporate government practices.
    • Achieve complete trust of the stakeholders in the management of the company through a professional management with a long term vision.

    • Annual Mexican Stock Exchange Report and Integrated Annual Report.
    • Quarterly reports (earnings, industry, and corporate presentations).
    • Quarterly earnings results conference calls.
    • Investor Relations Department (face-to face meeting, phone and via email meetings).
    • Sending of press releases.
    • Biannual performance survey.
    • Investor Relations Website.
    • Shareholders meeting.
    • Periodic meetings with analysts.
    • Social media and press.

    • Publication of financial and nonfinancial results to promote the comprehensive understanding of the company.
    • Communication and transparency.
    • Compliance of regulatory information requirements.
    • Promotion and dissemination of the company.
    • Share Buyback Program operation.

  • » Suppliers
    Value Proposal

    We offer relationships based on trust, with conditions that benefit both parts, fair treatment and transparency. We seek quality services, commitment, and efficiency in the operation, combining our principles of excellence in service and cost control.

    • Selection processes based on tenders which allow free competition in a strictly transparent and honest environment.
    • Compliance of the mutually established obligations to build a relationship of trust and loyalty.
    • Regular acknowledgments for suppliers, considering the compliance of their obligations, quality and enhancement of services and products.

    • Q Suppliers Portal.
    • Public bidding (tenders).
    • Telephone support line (01-800 number).
    • Perception and satisfaction survey.
    • Q Agencies Portal.

    • Operational efficiency.
    • Contractual relationship requirements.
    • Quality criteria.
    • Economic results.
    • Training.
    • Effective communication.
    • Acknowledgment.
    • Feedback through presenting service indicators.

  • » Community
    Value Proposal

    We contribute to the development of communities in our environment, through initiatives that tend to their main needs and where we promote the prevention culture.

    • Support the development of the most vulnerable communities’ in terms of education, health and conservation of the environment through the support of effective and efficient civil nonprofit organizations.
    • Prioritize our collaboration in communities where our offices are located.
    • Support duly established associations, which have features of permanence, ethics and efficiency, which will be evaluated through the measurement of the social impact achieved.
    • Encourage the participation of our employees and agents to fulfill the objectives of this stakeholder.
    • Actively participate in the conservation of the environment, particularly in the areas related to Quálitas’ activities.

    • Corporate volunteering initiatives.
    • Meetings, phone calls and e-mails with non -profit organizations (donation recipients).

    • Social investment initiatives.
    • Financial education, promotion of insurance and road safety culture.
    • Support upon emergency situations caused by natural disasters.

  • » Authorities and Peers
    Value Proposal

    We comply with applicable laws and thus promote conditions of fair competition, in addition to protecting the rights of the policyholders.

    • Strict compliance with laws and regulations.
    • Proactive collaboration practices with authorities and business and professional associations.
    • Relationships with peers based upon ethics, respect and transparency.

    • Industry and business associations committees.
    • Compliance and institutional relations teams.

    • Legal Compliance.
    • Ethics and anti-corruption practices.
    • Economic results.
    • Financial education and insurance culture.
    • Accessibility to insurance products.
    • Support and education on road safety.

Global commitments

In Qualitas we add ourselves to different international initiatives which promote sustainability.

» UN Global Compact

Since 2015 we adhered to the Global Compact from the United Nations, an international initiative that promotes the implementation of 10 principles universally accepted to promote corporate social responsibility in areas of human rights, labor norms, environmental matters, and anti-bribery practices. With this, we make public our commitment to incorporate in our strategies, activities, and operations this universal principles.

  • Human rights

    Principle 1: We will embed in our decision-making environmental, social and governance issues relevant to our insurance business.
    Principle 2: We will work together with our clients and business partners to raise awareness of environmental, social and governance issues, manage risk and develop solutions.

  • Labor rights

    Principle 3: We will work together with governments, regulators and other key stakeholders to promote widespread action across society on environmental, social and governance issues.
    Principle 4: We will demonstrate accountability and transparency in regularly disclosing publicly our progress in implementing the Principles.
    Principle 5: Eradication of child labor.
    Principle 6: Abolishment of the employment an occupancy discrimination.

  • Environment

    Principle 7: Preventive focus to foster the environment.
    Principle 8: Initiatives for the respect of the environment.
    Principle 9: Diffusion of eco-friendly technologies.

  • Anti-bribery and anti-corruption

    Principle 10: Fight against corruption, extorsion and bribery.

» Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Conscious of our capacity to contribute and attend challenges the society and the planet are living through, included in 2030 Agenda for the Sustainable Development, we joint efforts with the government, corporate and civil society sectors to contribute in the achievement of those goals launched by the United Nations.


Principles for Sustainable Insurance UNEP-FI (PSI)

Since 2020, Quálitas Compañía de Seguros was adhered to the Principles for Sustainable Insurance, committing ourselves to guide our operation through sustainability, from the development of our insurance until our investment process.

  • Principles for Sustainable Insurance UNEP-FI (PSI)

    Principle 1: We will embed in our decision-making environmental, social and governance topics (ESG topics) relevant to our insurance business.

    Principle 2: We will work together with our clients and business partners to raise awareness of ESG topics, manage risk and develop solutions.

    Principle 3: We will work together with governments, regulators and other key stakeholders to promote widespread action across society on ESG topics.

    Principle 4: We will demonstrate accountability and transparency in regularly disclosing publicly our progress in implementing the Principles.


During 2020, we updated the materiality analysis following the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) recommendations to attend the principal information requirements from our stakeholders and shareholders.