Press Releases

July 09,2021Q* AM Best revises outlooks to positive, affirms Credit ratings of
Qualitas Compañia de Seguros S.A. de C.V.
June 23,2021Q* is part for the second year in a row of
the S&P/BMV Total México ESG Index sample
April 28,2021Approved proposals at the Ordinary and Extraordinary
General Shareholders’ Meeting
March 29,2021General Shareholders Meeting Invitation 
March 03,2021Renewal of market maker 
January 29,2021Q* announces the passing of its Executive President  
December 16,2020Q* - S&P Global Ratings ratifies ratings
December 02,2020Q* - GBM started coverage 
November 17,2020Q* - returns to the Dow Jones Sustainability MILA Pacific Alliance
June 22,2020Q* - inclusion to the S&P/BMV Total Mexico ESG Index in its debut
June 17,2020Q* - inclusion to the S&P / BMV Dividend Index
June 08,2020Q* - APALACHE started coverage
June 05,2020Q* - AM Best affirmes ratings 2020
April 20,2020Approved proposals in the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting 
April 13,2020Q* - inclusion to the S&P / BMV IPC  
April 08,2020S&P Announces Final
Rebalancing Results for the S&P/BMV IPC Index
March 27,2020S&P downgraded outlook after similar action on the sovereign 
February 27,2020Audited Financial Statements 
February 12,2020Market maker change 
January 16,2020Q* - S&P Global Ratings revised outlook to positive 
November 28, 2019Q*-Industry report 9M19 
November 26, 2019Q*-Bx+ Started Coverage 
October 17, 2019Q*-Earnings results 3Q19 
October 03, 2019Q*-Webcast Invitation 3Q19 
August 30, 2019Q*-Industry report 6M19 
July 22, 2019Quálitas Controladora inform changes in the Audit and Corporate Practices Committee 
July 18, 2019Q*-Earning Results 2Q19 
July 08, 2019Q*-Webcast results 2Q19 
July 01, 2019Q*- MGR Initiation of coverage 
Jun 17, 2019Q*-Industry Report 3M19 
Jun 12, 2019BBVA restarted coverage of Quálitas Controladora 
May 28, 2019Quálitas Controladora informs its inclusion to the S&P/BMV IPC Sustainable  
May 24, 2019Q*-AM Best affirmes ratings 2019 
April 22, 2019Approved Proposals to the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting
March 27, 2019Closing- Quálitas insurance purchase in Peru
March 20, 2019Analysts presentation 12M18 
February 28, 2019Audited Financial Statements 
February 20, 2019S&P Global Ratings affirmes ratings 2019 
February 13, 2019Renewal of market maker 
January 29, 2019Quálitas Controladora’s CFO appointment 
October 22, 2018Follow up - Purchase in Peru 
October 18, 2018Purchase intention in Peru 
September 26, 2018Barclays starts coverage 
September 21, 2018Inclusion to the FTSE BIVA 
September 13, 2018Dow Jones Sustainability Indices 2018 Results 
August 21, 20186M18 Analysts' Breakfast 
July 19, 20182Q18 Earnings Results Webcast Invitation 
April 18, 2018Approved proposals to the General Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting 
April 17, 20181Q18 Webcast Invitation 
April 17, 2018Erratum Proposals to the GSM - Audit and Corporate Practices Committee 
March 16, 2018Proposals to the Ordinary and Extraordinay Shareholders Meeting 
February 23, 2018Audited Financial Statements 
February 16, 2018Changes in the Market Maker 
January 26, 2018Approved proposals to the GSM and Share buyback increase 
January 24, 2018Reschedule - 4Q17 Webcast  
January 02, 20184Q17 Webcast Invitation 
December 01, 2017Call to the Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting and proposal to increase the share buyback
November 28, 2017Changes in the organizational structure 
November 06, 2017Analysts' Breakfast 
October 25, 2017Quálitas enters the Dow Jones Sustainability MILA Pacific Alliance Index 
October 02, 2017Follow-up report after quakes in Mexico 
September 29, 2017Webcast Invitation 3Q17 (October 20th 2017) 
September 21, 2017Report after Quake in Mexico 
August 08, 2017Market Maker 
July 12, 2017Webcast Invitation 2Q17 
June 06, 2017AMIS Written Premiums and Claims 1Q17 
April 25, 2017Approved proposals to the General Shareholders´ Meeting 
April 07, 2017Webcast Invitation 1Q17 
April 04, 2017Proposals to the General Shareholders' Meeting 
March 28, 2017S&P affirmes ratings 
February 23, 2017AMIS Preliminary Written Premiums Auto Incurance Line 2016 
January 27, 2017Guidance 2017 
January 12, 2017Webcast Invitation 4Q16  
January 09, 2017Extension of the Regulation on permanent imports of vehicles Decree in Mexico 
December 19, 2016Preliminary Written Premiums Auto Insurance Line 9M16 
December 16, 2016Changes to QMX Investments Department 
October 26, 20166M16 Results Revision 
September 30, 2016Webcast Invitation 3Q16 
September 19, 2016AMIS Preliminary Written Premiums Auto Insurance Line 
September 07, 2016Changes to Investor Relations 
July 28, 2016Press Release Earnings Results 1H16 
June 13, 2016AM Best upgrade ratings 
June 10, 2016New contact center opening 
May 10, 2016S&P raises ratings 
May 05, 2016Change in external auditor 
April 29, 2016Approved proposals, general and extraordinary shareholders meeting 
April 07, 2016Proposal to the ordinary and extraordinary shareholders meeting 
February 25, 2016Changes In Corporate Structure 
July 29, 2015Social Responsibility in Quálitas 
July 22, 2015Guidance update 
June 23, 2015Continuing with the process of exchanging CPOs into the single series 
April 21, 2015Approved proposals shareholders meeting 
April 10, 2015Proposals to the general ordinary shareholders meeting 
January 23, 2015CPOs exchange 
October 21, 2014Preliminary figures 9M14 
September 02, 2014QC designation IR Manager 
July 22, 2014CFO preliminary figures 6M14 
April 22, 2014QC preliminary figures 
March 28, 2014Insurance mandatory 
March 24, 2014QC Day 
March 19, 2014Acquisition in USA 
December 06, 2013QC Day 
November 27, 2013Dividend payment 
November 11, 2013Ordinary assembly 
October 22, 2013QC Press Release 
October 18, 2013Preliminary figures 9M13 
September 17, 2013Share buyback program 
July 19, 2013Preliminary figures 6M13 
May 24, 2013Law for mandatory insurance for third party liability 
April 19, 2013Preliminary figures 1Q13 
April 09, 2013Mandatory third party insurance 
March 19, 2013Dividend Payment 
February 26, 2013Dividend share buyback program policy 
January 29, 2013QC figures 2012 
August 28, 2012BANREGIO Agreement 
July 17, 2012Exchange offer closure 
August 15, 2012Market maker 
June 20, 2012Launch exchange offer 

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