Acquisition Cost

Includes commissions and compensations paid to agents as well as fees paid to Financial Institutions for the use of their facilities (UOF)

Acquisition Ratio

Acquisition Cost ÷ Net Written Premiums


Compound Annual Growth Rate = [(End of Period Figure / Beginning of Period Figure) ^ (1/ Number of periods)]

Combined Ratio

Acquisition Ratio + Operating Ratio + Claims Ratio


National Insurance & Bonds Commission, the regulator of the insurance sector in Mexico

Financial Institutions

Financial branch of major automakers and Financial Groups that provide automotive financing

Claims Cost

Includes costs incurred in the payment of claims: third party liability, theft, repair costs, among others

Claims Ratio

Claims Cost ÷ Net Earned Premiums

Multi-annual Policies

Policies with a term greater than 12 months. They are typically issued for the automobiles sold on credit

Net Earned Premiums

Written premiums registered as income throughout the duration of a policy

Net Written Premiums

Written premiums less the portion ceded to reinsurance

Operating Expenses

Includes expenses incurred in by the Company in its regular operations

Operating Ratio

Operating Expenses ÷ Written Premiums

Policies’ Fees

Administrative fee charged when the policy is issued and recorded as an income in operating expenses

Premium Debtor

Records the portion of sold policies which will be paid in installments.

Premiums finance charge

Financial penalty imposed to policyholders that choose to pay premiums in installments

Regulatory Capital Requirement:

Is the minimum capital level that an insurance company should maintain, according to legal requirements

Written Premiums

Premiums corresponding to policies underwritten


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Solvency Margin

Stockholders’ equity – Regulatory Capital Requirement

Solvency Margin Ratio

Solvency Margin ÷ Regulatory Capital Requirement

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