Audit and Corporate Practices Committee

Only composed by 3 independent board members with extensive accounting and financial experience. Meets monthly.

  • Supervises the management, conduction and execution of the matters that correspond to it in accordance to the Securities Market Law.

  • Supervises that the managing director complies with the Meeting’s agreements.

  • Evaluates the external auditor’s performance.

  • Analyzes the company’s financial statements and the financial information.
  • Investigates possible non-compliance of the guidelines, operation policies, and internal control systems.

  • Informs the Board of Directors of operations with related parties.

  • Evaluates the remunerations of the CEO and other relevant officers.

Social Responsibility Committee

Only integrated by 1 independent member who presides it; meets bi-monthly.

  • Defines the scope of the social responsibility for Quálitas.
  • Defines strategies and activities to implement social responsibility practices.
  • Defines mechanisms to measure the social impact of the functions and activities.

Investment, Finance and Planning Committee

Composed by 6 members, all board members, 3 of which are independent; meets monthly.

  • Evaluates and suggests investment policies in accordance with the organizational vision.
  • Proposes guidelines for the strategic planning of the company.
  • Maintains a balanced investment portfolio under the investment regime established by the authority.
  • Comments, recommends and follows up on the budget.
  • Identifies risk factors and evaluates policies to manage them.

Operations Committee

Composed by 9 members, 6 of which are board members, 2 of which are independent; meets monthly.

  • Advises the general management, in the establishment of strategies and actions to optimize the efficiency and operational quality of the company.
  • Helps establish the annual business plan and the comprehensive strategy, guaranteeing the continuity and better development of the holding.