Code of Ethics and Conduct


The purpose of this Code is to regulate the behavior of employees and as applicable to the different stakeholders that shape the company, through compliance of the values and operational standards established in this Code.


To protect the assets and the physical integrity of the owners of insured automotive vehicles, as well as their liability incurred related to third parties, through quality service, which complies with the agreed insurance contract and fully satisfies our customers’ expectations.


The Code is mandatory for all Quálitas’ board members, employees, representatives and collaborators regardless of their activity or geographical location. Every person who starts working at Quálitas must sign of conformity that understands and agrees to obey the Code of Ethics.


Ethical, efficient, financially sound company, authentically committed to its social responsibility. Leader of the automobile insurance industry, innovative, with cutting-edge methodologies, that offers a service of excellent quality at competitive prices, becoming the best option for the policyholders.


Maintain our leadership in the auto insurance industry, fully complying with our mission. Remain at the forefront in innovation and technological subjects in all aspects of our operation. Quálitas is able to fully comply with its commitment to sustainability and strict adherence to ethics, with stakeholderss that shape it: policyholders, employees, agents, investors, suppliers and the community. To continue our internationalization process, taking advantage of our methodology, synergy and competitive advantages. To cooperate in the promotion of the insurance culture in our country, and in the solution of the growing complexity of road safety and mobility, as part of its social responsibility.


Honesty – It implies expressing oneself with sincerity and behaving coherently with the truth, integrity and the rest of the values established in the Quálitas’ culture.

Equity – Systematically recognize the efforts, achievements and loyalty of the members of the company.

Responsibility – Comply in good time and appropriate manner with the assumed commitments.

Transparency – Provide accurate and timely information that is required for the efficient relationship with each stakeholder.

Respect for human dignity –  Recognize, accept, and value the individual rights and qualities of the people that shape the company, considering them important by who they are and worthy of full respect.

Cordiality – We believe that in a company dedicated to provide services, it is essential to have a kind, polite and joyful approach, in the daily relationships of all those who integrate it.

Solidarity – Quálitas accepts its responsibility with all the groups that comprise it, establishing commitments with each of them and fulfilling them completely.

Loyalty and personal commitment – It must be the result of the daily practice and experience of the values listed above, resulting in the delivery, commitment and sense of belonging of the employees to the company.


  • The executives of the company should be an irreproachable example of compliance with this Code and must constantly spread it.
  • When situations arise that are not foreseen in this Code, they should be resolved according to the spirit of our values and operational standards.
  • Any collaborator who performs business practices in other terms than those established in this Code, will be subject to disciplinary measures that may come to the termination of the employment relationship and/or legal action.
  • The Ethics Committee will report to the Board of Directors, when it deems it appropriate, with respect to compliance with this Code and the adopted measures.
  • The Ethics Committee will establish confidential mechanisms to facilitate the reporting of events that violate this code.
  • It is the responsibility of all those included in this Code to inform to the Ethics Committee of any breach to it.
  • The Ethics Committee will be appointed by the Board of Directors.
  • The Audit department will include in its reviews the compliance of this Code, in the different areas of the company.


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  • Attitude of service excellence towards our customers.
  • Full compliance of the commitments agreed with customers, suppliers and third parties, to achieve relationships based on trust, loyalty and mutual respect.
  • Continuous improvement of operational quality and technological innovation in pursuit of excellence.
  • Full exercise of honesty, operational excellence and compliance of the agreed services that are provided to our customers.
  • Provide our clients with clear and complete information so that they know about the services they have hired, as well as the risks that are not covered.
  • To consider our personnel as a core element for the development and success of the company, through their training, equitable treatment and value formation.
  • Respect for the dignity of people, gender equality, their beliefs and political affiliation.
  • To encourage teamwork and to share experiences and knowledge with co-workers.
  • Efficient use of resources and outlays of the company, with special emphasis on loss, damage and destruction of assets.
  • Confidentiality of the information and documentation obtained by the employee in the development of their duty, both internally and from third parties.
  • It is strictly forbidden to make decisions or carry out actions that may lead to conflicts of interest.
  • Conflicts of interest are considered to be the event in which any member of the company, in the exercise of their duties, makes decisions or performs actions, for the personal benefit of their spouse and their relatives by blood in ascending or descending line up to the fourth degree, or from a third party, to the possible harm of the productivity and the assets of Quálitas.
  • The employees and collaborators of Quálitas as well as their spouse and relatives by blood in ascending or descending line up to the fourth degree will not be able to receive gifts, services, discounts, trips or entertainment from suppliers or persons related to the company, if their amount exceeds of a value of $ 500 (five hundred pesos) per year.
  • In the event that a staff member or employee of Quálitas is presented with a situation of possible conflict of interest, in their personal relationships, professional or activities in the company, the person involved should inform the Ethics Committee.
  • All employees and people who shape Quálitas’ stakeholders must commit and are responsible to report all transactions that represent a possible money laundering, lack of probity or any other illegal act or activity to the Ethics Committee.
  • Long-term vision in decision-making that guarantees our development and perpetuation.
  • Provide transparent, timely, reliable and equitable information to the shareholders of the company.
  • Provide communication tools in order to know clients’ perception regarding the quality of our services and attend their comments or complaints. Likewise, and with the same purpose, facilitate the communication among employees, agents, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • Conduct equal, transparent and equitable tenders for suppliers.
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory provisions.
  • Promote care for the environment.

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