Share Buy-back Program

Balance of repurchased shares9,489,5384,147,14912,037,02412,339,90911,965,12410,177,98715,585,6158,647,5669,986,2509,377,426 8,903,07210,158,35510,449,309
Invested amount (MXN)584,333,728213,926,479598,218,012616,002,553599,740,739502,951,773611,077,638262,822,378284,821,060263,163,105244,930,624274,647,641274,900,713

Note: The authorized amount for the buy-back program is 550 million pesos , which may reach a maximum of 605 considering the surplus coming from the operations of the share buyback program.

Investor Relations

Santiago Monroy +52 (55) 1555-6056

Raquel Leetoy +52 (55) 1555-6313

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