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About Quálitas

Quálitas is the largest auto insurance company in Mexico in terms of market share, with operations in El Salvador, Costa Rica, USA and Peru. Its specialized business model, based exclusively in auto insurance, has allowed the Company to provide top quality service under the largest network in Mexico. Quálitas is listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) under the ticker “Q” (Bloomberg: Q*: MM)


To protect the assets and the physical integrity of the owners of insured automotive vehicles, as well as their liability incurred in relation to third parties, through quality service, which complies with the agreed insurance contract and fully satisfies our customers’ expectations.


Keep our leadership in the automobile insurance market, being guided by our mission.
Staying at the leading edge of innovation and technology in all aspects of our operation.
Capable of fully complying with our sustainability commitments and strict adherence to ethics, with our stakeholders: policyholders, employees, agents, investors, suppliers and the community.
To continue our internationalization process, taking advantage of our methodology, synergy and competitive advantages.
To promote insurance culture in our country and to contribute in the solution of the growing complexity in mobility and road safety matters, as part of our social responsibility.

Quálitas’ identity

• Ethical
• Efficient
• Financially solid
• Authentically committed to its social responsibility
• Automobile insurance market leader
• Innovative
• Leading edge methodology
• Excellent quality service at competitive prices








Loyalty and personal commitment

Respect for human dignity

Our Story


Quálitas is founded in December, focused on offering a high quality service and on being specialized in the automobile insurance segment.


In March the first policy is issued


Quálitas develops a unique expansion model with the aim of growing outside Mexico City and establishes service offices throughout the partnership with entrepreneurs with a strong knowledge of the industry in each city.


Quálitas forms an alliance with New York Life and expands its distribution network to 2,310 agents.


Quálitas is listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV)


Quálitas creates a strategic alliance with financial institutions, the financial arm of major automotive makers, penetrating a new market segment with high dynamism and significant importance for the sector.


Quálitas takes over the first position in the automotive insurance segment.


Quálitas begins its international expansion by opening its first office in El Salvador.


Quálitas reaches 15 years successfull operations in the Mexican market.


Quálitas starts operating in Costa Rica targeting new markets, clients and opportunities.


The Holding Company is established to have higher flexibility and transparency in the corporate structure. The Holding is listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) in place of the Mexican Insurance Company.


Quálitas turns 20 years and begins operations in the US market complementing the coverage given to many clients in the border zone. The Company starts commercializing products in Arizona, California and Texas.


With the aim of being fair to Mexican and foreign stockholders, Quálitas changes its Common Share Certificates (CPOs) to single series shares in an exchange from 1 QC CPO to 1 Q*


Since January 1st, Quálitas Mexico began to operate entirely under the Solvency II regulation, reserves model based on its own experience.


Quálitas enters the Dow Jones Sustainability MILA Pacific Alliance Index.


In this year we achieve +5 thousand employees, +400 offices (Service Offices and ODQs), nearly 14 thousand agents and strengthening of corporate governance.


Quálitas begins operations in Peru, strengthening its international presence. 2019 is consolidated as a historic year for the company with a net profit of $5,358 million pesos.


Quálitas enters the S&P/BMV IPC sample. This seeks to measure the performance of the largest and most liquid stocks listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange.

Investor Relations

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